Senior Secondary Section
Science Stream

  1. Biology,Maths,Physics,Chemistry and English
  2. Maths,Computer Science,Physics,Chemistry and English

Commerce Stream

  1. English, Economics, Accountancy, Business studies and informatics Practices.
  2. English, Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies and Mathematics.
  3. II Primary and Secondary Section
    CBSE Curriculum as per NCERT directives
    III Preprimary section
    English, Malayalam, Hindi, Arithmetic, GK, Art, Music and Dance
    Extracurricular activities
    Music, Dance, Karate, Stitching and Knitting, Computer, Public Speaking and Yoga

    Inorder to discover and nurture the physical and mental caliber of our students, Vimalagiri Public School provides umpteen opportunities to train our students in sports and games. To develop a healthy sportsman spirit and encourage the value of physical exercises and games, we host an all-Kerala interschool football tournament and athletic Championships. Students also play cricket, football and indoor games like chess, carom etc.