The pre-primary wing of VPS is situated in a lush green ecofriendly campus conductive for better adaptation of the young ones who are transferred from homely atmosphere. It is not just a school but a home away from home. There are __ teachers in the kindergarten for LKG and UKG with three divisions each.
The Pre primary school is set with smart classes and in a student friendly psychological approach. The bright and vividly painted classrooms and furniture itself proclaims an ambience different from a formal school. There is enough space for outdoor classrooms with enable the children to the close to nature and make learning an enjoyable experience. Their coordination and five motor skills are refined through appropriate learning tools and toys.
Co curricular, extra-curricular and life skill education are provided equally with academics. Utmost care is given to inculcate moral values, etiquettes and character among the children so that they may be moulded to be the best students. The teacher act together as a team of mentors with a mission and passion in channelizing and accomplishing the dream of every child entrusted to them.s